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Sometimes Good Things Come in Bubbles

There is much talk of how writers exist in isolated bubbles. All day we hunch over keyboards, pecking away, creating worlds we sincerely hope others may one day see. It is a sometimes difficult occupation, and quite often a fairly lonely chunk of our lives. But, on occasion, our lonely little bubbles bump into other bubbles, and things start to look up.

Last week before submitting to the ABNA was–interesting. No major drama, or anything, but just a series of mental hurdles to leap over, crawl under, and crash into. Had I been jumping through the prerequisite hoops alone, I probably would have put my head through the monitor. Thankfully, John–one of the first internet bubbles I had ever grazed–was standing by for me. In him I have found a great writing partner, a sometimes brutal, but always honest, editor, and a pretty cool friend. John, you probably don’t ever drop by here–you bastard–but if by some chance you happen to stumble over this post, thanks for everything–and, uh, sorry for the, “bastard,” part.

So, I submitted my novel yesterday, then moseyed back to the internet to find an email from Christina, that I had won a drawing, and that my buddy Pirate Steve–who clearly understands I’m unreliable when it comes to keeping up with posts–had dropped by to give me the heads-up. And that’s when this whole post came together. I realized that yes, my week had been tough. But, it wasn’t at all lonely.

This post is for all of you–the ones I’ve met and become friends with; the ones who pop by even when I’m a slacker about posting/viewing posts; the ones who drop me emails to see if I’m alive; and the ones who, by just floating around in their little bubbles, make me feel better about it all.

Thanks, guys.