contemporary dark fantasy (January 2011, Hell on Wheels Publishing)

Resonance Murphy cares about only one member of the world’s population—herself.  So, when the self-applauded master of irresponsibility moves to the Maryland Eastern Shore town of Tyne and discovers the fate of all humanity rests on her shoulders, she’s more than a little irked.

Thousands of years ago, seven benevolent gods drove their evil brother, Ta-gul, into a collapsing dimension.  Now, Ta-gul is about to re-emerge in Tyne and Resonance is the warrior fated to destroy him.  With a murderous dark magician; an ancient cult; a desperate fallen goddess; and a mysterious, tattooed young woman each intent on thwarting her by any means, Resonance must put aside her inhibitions and finally place her trust in someone besides herself.

Fearful of the coming days and fascinated by the mercurial young woman, necromancer Quinn Lehrer aligns himself with Resonance.  As Quinn helps the reluctant warrior run the gantlet of reality-bending trials that will give her the power to defeat Ta-gul, a series of terrible revelations will force him to decide if Resonance is truly worth aiding.

As the clock ticks down to Ta-gul’s ascension, the unlikely couple find themselves in a labyrinth of choice and consequence, where each decision sheds new light on Resonance’s long-forgotten past, and brings the reluctant warrior closer to the moment when she will become either the savior of humanity–or the catalyst for its downfall.


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Praise for Resonance:

A bad girl of first order, Resonance pulled me as a reader along on her thrill ride of self discovery and enlightenment. She is a kick ass heroine with flaws a plenty but I dare any reader not to cheer for her to overcome the plethora of supernatural critters standing in her way. It is truly a great novel and talented author that can transcend genre and offer a great reading experience for readers. Resonance and Avery DeBow fit the bill.”  — Author Travis Erwin

“It’s full of action, full of ideas, and full of heart…This is the author’s first book but I was amazed at the deft way she handled both the story and the language. There’s some very fine writing here.” — Charles Gramlich, Author

“…a great read that really shows off the authors skills with prose, creativity and ability to transport the reader into a world that is at once familiar, but a place where you really wouldn’t want to live… and wickedly different than what you might expect.” — Kindle Reviewer, “JR”

.”…I’m kind of thinking of dying my goatee blue in honor of Res and her ass kicking stupendousness.”— Travis Erwin, Author

“…grabbed me by the #@#** and never let go. I could not find enough time to keep reading… 

Descriptions were so vivid, you did not have to imagine, the images kept filling your mind’s eye and left you asking for more.”

–Kindle reviewer “Jack”

“Vivid characters, suspenseful plot, magic and violence and more than a smattering of sex– Avery DeBow knows how to give readers what they want. For me, she joins a very short list of urban fantasy authors I’ll be looking for in the future…” –Steve Malley, Author 



contemporary dark fantasy (anticipated release 2012, Hell on Wheels Publishing):

Resonance Murphy has earned magnificent powers.  She has battled demons, fallen gods, twisted magicians and her own dark nature.  But, will all of her experience and power help her face the mystically and mentally unstable visitor who has arrived in Tyne?


contemporary dark fantasy (anticipated release early 2013, Hell on Wheels Publishing):

The third and final book in the Resonance Murphy trilogy.



dark fantasy (anticipated release 2013, Hell on Wheels Publishing): Beginning as a play-along, mad-lib style story online, Junket City is refurbished and released as a full-blown novel.

Welcome to Junket City, where everyone’s got a hankering, and hunter EllaNon has their fix.


The bells in the church spire pealed, their dolorous tones dampened further by the thick predawn haze hanging over Junket City.

The rooftops flicked under EllaNon’s boots like celluloid reels as she ran, leapt, ran, transversing the city without ever having to mingle with the crowd below—the jostling, needy mass she simply referred to as “the Clients.” Ground level spotlights washed the downtown’s collection of glass and steel towers, lighting the heavens as if for her benefit alone, transforming the skyline into a cluster of brilliant hypodermics stabbing the sky. EllaNon smiled at the image as she came to a stop on the roof of a dilapidated flatiron in the wharf district. Fourteen stories below, the wharf’s middle and lower class citizens, done with their night’s work, streamed into any number of crux bars to find the custom, unique solution to whatever problem that plagued their lives.

A number of shuddering, whining motors dotted the flatiron’s roof. Despite this hint at occupancy, tangles of black ivy covered the bedraggled roof like a suffocating carpet, creeping into the gear housing, nosing through cracks in the tar, and eating away at the ledge’s mortar as it tumbled over the walls. EllaNon paused to examine the viscous fluid glazing the leaves. Controlled by the electrical currents driving the substance, the leaves coalesced around her ankles, curling up the rough sliver scales of her Irgnot boots and tickling her knees as they sought admission to the tender skin under her ruffled bloomers. EllaNon reached down to brush them away. Tiny suckers on the undersides caught hold of her fingers, slicing into her skin and sliding miniscule tendrils into the wounds. EllaNon pulled free, biting back a yelp of pain. She lifted her right knee and slid the bowie knife from the top of her boot. With a quick slash she severed the tendrils encasing her legs and made her way to the rooftop door, hacking and chopping as she went.

The bay’s saline humidity had badly warped the door and chewed away entire portions of the crackled red paint. EllaNon paused a few feet back, listening. The creature that reputedly lived here was not a pleasant one, to say the least. EllaNon stretched out her heightened senses, but found no trace of its presence. Satisfied, she traded her knife for the twin-barreled tranq gun slung over her shoulder, taking care not to clatter it against the dart belt looping her torso. Holding her rifle at the ready, she reached out and carefully placed two fingers on the knob. The wood exploded. Hand-sized shards flew outwards. EllaNon retreated, covering her face in the crook of her arm. Like a gorilla cruising on node, the Ylalast burst through the ruined doorway, its thick, lumpy body barely scraping through the frame. EllaNon had no time to aim the tranqer before the Ylalast plowed into her, lifting her off of her feet and bearing her towards the roof’s edge.

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