Hi. I’m here!

As you can see my blog has landed safely here at WordPress. I have a lot of cosmetic work to do, but for now I’m happy to just be here and settling in. If you followed me before at Blogger, please do so again. I promise you the same amount–no more, no less-of wit and charm you were subject to over there.

I’m going to go fiddle around with things for a bit. I’ll be back with new, fun adventures in just a bit.



About Avery

I am a roller derbying, dark fantasy author. This blog chronicles my adventures in life, writing and skating. View all posts by Avery

5 responses to “Hi. I’m here!

  • durfeem

    Ok now your old link brought me here–cool!

  • Avery

    Hey, guys! Thanks for being the first to follow me over here.

    G — I had such a Hong Kong Phooey crush when I was little.

    Durfeem-TWM — I guess I was just such a traffic generator they couldn’t let me go (feel free to snort in disbelief). Thanks for doing all that to get here. And I’m kind of off tequila these days.

  • G

    Hi-de-ho neighborette!!!!

    I subscribed to your feed and I’m looking forward to seeing what your new digs are gonna be like.

    Unlike my avatar at Blogger, which was a cat, this time I got Hong Kong Phooey (sort of) for WordPress.

  • durfeem-TWM

    I guess Google didn’t want to let you go, when I added you to my blogroll it redirected me to a Googlepage that said something like..Oh emeffer you really don’t want to go to that same old just another page, page do ya? So i just paste your new addy into the addy bar (No Tequila Allowed) and waaaala here i am making what could be your first comment on WordPress. Ok you can have Tequila if you want.

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