Moving the Show

In the next few days this blog will be moving over to WordPress. Google’s new privacy policy does not sit well with me and I feel it is in my best interest to mosey on. I’ll post the details and my new link in a bit, and then all of the posts here will go away. Please follow me over to WordPress, where we can pick up where we left off.I’m sorry to do this, and to possibly lose some of you great followers who’ve jumped on board these past several years. But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

 Details soon, and then I’ll try and think of a fun new post for my new home.

 Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have played the whale card so soon.


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I am a roller derbying, dark fantasy author. This blog chronicles my adventures in life, writing and skating. View all posts by Avery

9 responses to “Moving the Show

  • AvDB

    G — I can be down with freaky. ; ) I look forward to seeing you over there.Walking Man — I will. And thank you so much for telling your PCP about Resonance, and let her know I appreciate her support.Christina — Yay! It's kind of silly.Charles — It was a nod at the lameness of my last official post, the one with the terrible stick figure whale.

  • Christina

    Will move with you. Starting to wonder if I should've read the policy. It's still sitting unopened in my email box.

  • the walking man

    When you make the move let me know how technically difficult it was.Hey I don't know why but my Primary Care Physician bought Resonance just because i told her it was the best book I read all last year. Now we have opened the door to societies intelligentsia!

  • G

    For my money, WordPress is a bit more freakier with a lot more freedom than Blogger.If had known anything about blogging back in '08, I would've probably set up shop at WordPress then, instead at Blogger. But I will follow you over to your new home at WordPress.

  • Samuel Blake

    Deal.To be fair though, even if the vote did come up, you could always choose not to bote on it, ya know?Just sayin…

  • Samuel Blake

    I did not know this.I'll have to look into it some more.Thanks for the heads up.For what little it may be worth, you should definitely follow my blog.As I gain followers, it's going to get better and better.You'll see…

  • AvDB

    I'm glad you're here, and I'm sorry I'm jumping ship on you. But, you can follow me over to WordPress in just a bit. I promise nothing will change but my location (my sporadic, random-topic posts will continue to pop up just the same over there).Google is "streamlining" it's privacy policy. Here's a recent article that explains it pretty well: just sets my teeth on edge knowing that they can collect information about everywhere I go on the internet AND attribute all of that data to me, personally. It's building a profile of my life without my permission, and it's pretty fucking creepy.

  • Samuel Blake

    What actually happened?I know I'm new to the following and all, but I looked long and hard to find something worth following. So why am I losing you so soon?

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