A New Year, and an Apocalypse to Look Forward to.

Happy 2012, everyone!

2011 will not be missed by many. It was a rough year, to say the least. But, it was my first full year as a published author, and my first year as a roller derby girl. So, even though the socioeconomic aspect was fairly sucktastic, I still have to chalk it up as one of my best years ever.

I have several writing projects in the works, one of which is super secret and involves branching into other genres–something that is both exciting and intimidating. I have a possible anthology inclusion, and a few collaboration projects hanging on the back burner. Along with the three novel projects that have been slowly coming to fruition–Junket City, Harmony, The Harrower, I unearthed a discarded manuscript and realized it was fairly good.  So, I’m adding, The House of Doors to the lineup. Look for Junket City to make its appearance first. For those of you who didn’t participate in its creation, it is the story of demon hunter EllaNon de Mortens who sells demon nodes to the addicted, yet socially uptight denizens of Junket City, and her struggle to save her beloved city from enslavement by a dimension-traveling impostor.

In roller derby I am again on the travel team. I’ve managed to skate twenty-nine laps in five minutes (I used to sweat doing twenty), and I’m no longer afraid to put on either the jammer or pivot panty. This season we face some new opponents, including Charm City’s Female Trouble, and our travels will even take us to Puerto Rico. All I need for that last one to happen is to man up and get my tail on a plane. Yep, yours truly is not a fan of (the notion of) flying. I have been on a medivac helicopter, but no one asked me if I wanted to do it, and there wasn’t much I could do at the time to stop it. Other than that, I have never been in the air. My reasons for not doing so could encompass an entire post altogether, so I’ll just keep it at that.

Everything seems poised to stream in the right direction for the next twelve months. I just need a little luck, a little more perseverance, and for the apocalypse to hold off for another few years. If all of that can come together, I think 2012 should be pretty damn cool.

One of my “projects” also includes getting back to weekly posts. Maybe next week I’ll tell you why I don’t like flying, and maybe even why whales scare the crap out of me.

Until then, have a happy New Year’s Day.

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I am a roller derbying, dark fantasy author. This blog chronicles my adventures in life, writing and skating. View all posts by Avery

9 responses to “A New Year, and an Apocalypse to Look Forward to.

  • AvDB

    Anonymous — I don't know what you're saying, but I'm going to assume you're offering me a ten million dollar advance for my novel's movie rights, a vacation home in Italy, and a pony–no, a unicorn. Yep, that's what you're saying.You're so nice.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • AvDB

    Walking Man — I'm going to frame your comment so that whenever I get some procrastination started I can look at it and rekindle my focus. You've made my year, and it's barely 2012. Thanks so much.

  • AvDB

    Charles — I know. It's just that they're there, in the deep… I'll get into my whole issue next week. It's totally ridiculous, if you haven't already figured it out–which it seems you have.

  • the walking man

    All i can say is that after long thought let me list a few of the books I read in 2011The Idiot-DostoyevskyWar and Peace-TolstoyHard Times-DickensKilling Trails-GramlichRed badge of Courage-CraneFeedstore Chronicles-ErwinScarlet Letter-Hawthorneand about ten other novels&Too many Chap books of poetry to list.Though you might like Make Yourself Small by Michelle Brooks. And of all of them all Resonance-Avery DeBow is the one that entertained me the most, which is really an accomplishment because most of the contemporary novelists bore me after 25 pages. But you kiddo hit it out of the park and have made a fan, one who if you write "shit" on a wall I would either steal the wall or buy it if someone was watching.

  • Charles Gramlich

    Whales? good thing you live on land then. Sounds like an exciting year coming up!

  • AvDB

    Hey Kate! Thanks for sticking with me. : ) Another project is to get back to visiting with my friends, because I've been terrible about checking in on you and everyone else.I'm definitely going to do the whale post, then. We can commiserate. I need someone; the Architect thinks I'm insane for my whaley fears.

  • Kate Sterling

    OMG – I was enjoying this post even before I got to the last couple of lines. A fellow whale-a-phobe! 🙂 The first one I've met! Nice to meet you, Avery. My name is Kate, and I'm afraid of whales. ;)Glad to see you back at the blogging and writing track. I look forward to your new releases. May this be a great year for you and yours as you kick some roller derby butt.

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