The Demon of the Week


Russian in origin, Albastor can take the shape of any animal. It can look like a pallid man with opalescent hair. When flying, it looks like a comet (probably from all that flapping whiteness).

It’s said to have been formed of the souls of illegitimate children (I’m seeing a circular pattern starting–see below), and it hates excess fornication. For you fornicators out there, if Albastor gets ahold of you, it’ll make you Do It until you die.

But, Albastor also likes to get cozy with the women. A sign you’ve lain with Albastor–a sore on your lip.

Look, kids; the demon of herpes!

Ways to get rid of Albastor:

1) break the little finger of its left hand
2) put crosses at every potential means of egress
3) Stop The Fornicating (or don’t. I don’t care. But, you might be gettin’ the herpes either way)
Just thought I’d share

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