Quick Thought for the Weekend

Never leave yourself alone with bleach and Manic Panic when you’re currently bored with/despising your hairstyle.

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11 responses to “Quick Thought for the Weekend

  • avery

    Steve– Good to know, but still: You with one in of hair = manly Me with one inch of hair = Ms. Potato Head

  • Steve Malley

    For what it’s worth, real dreds do leave you about an inch of ‘open hair’ on your scalp. I spent two years trying to knot them right down to the scalp before I found out I was supposed to have that bit of reg’lar hair. Now, it comforts me. If/when I do opt for the big change, I’ll have *really* short spikes, not bare scalp!

  • avery

    An eye for British hilarity, maybe?

  • Avery

    Kate — Those scissors and I are good pals. Or mortal enemies (depending on the outcome).Sqt — I’m jealous. I love nerd girl glasses.Steve — See, that’s what did it. I had synth dreads for over two years (I was–and am–still on the fence about real ones and having my head shorn if I got sick of them). So, my head needed a rest and I took them out. Then came, “My hair is flat and boring. I look like shit. Oh? What’s this? Hair bleach? Okay.” Charles — I think maybe for not dying by just using the toaster, or something. Lana — That image is from one of the best U.K. sitcoms ever made, “The Young Ones.” RRN — Hair is transitory, I guess. It grows back and it’s fairly resilient despite our attempts to turn it into hay. I guess we know we can do pretty much anything to it and the consequences are fairly temporary (which is far better than being bummed and running out to get a tattoo that mirrors your current mood, but not much else).

  • RRN

    That rules.What is it with hair ? For many many years every time something horrible happened I went strait into the bathroom and shaved all my hair off. I never really understood why…But it always seemed to help.

  • Lana Gramlich

    *LOL* Is that image from a British TV show?

  • Charles Gramlich

    Are those stars on his head from begin potty trained?

  • Steve Malley

    Used to be one of my favorite hobbies, pre-dreds. Problem was, I’d forget my hair was, say, bright green, and I’d wonder why people were staring. Not that I minded, just you know, was my fly unzipped or what?Ah, good times…

  • SQT

    Funny, I just posted about going brunette and getting nerd-girl glasses. It must be the week of drastically changing one’s appearance.

  • Kate S

    Oh, dear. Been there. Been laughed at by kids in the store when I went to buy something to cover it up.Beware the little scissors in the bathroom too…Now, go drag out that fabulous cowboy hat and head to the salon. 😉

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