Free. My Favorite Word.

Others have probably posted on this, but, I figured it’s such a good deal that it was worth repeating.

Our fantasy-friendly buds over at Tor are offering free downloadable SF/Fantasy books every week. Just fill out the little form I’ve so obligingly provided, register, and you’ll be sent a newsletter and a link to download the forever-yours file (yep, you get to keep ’em). First off is Mistborn by new author Brandon Sanderson, followed by Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. New authors and books will come every week!

Also, a more widely (at least from what I’ve seen) advertised deal from Harper Collins, where readers can read entire novels on their site for free. No playing Finders Keepers, here, though. Readers may only devour the pages on Harper Collins’ site, with no downloading or printing abilities. Still, The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho is up at present, and, from the bits I’ve read, the format limitations are worth the eyestrain.

Neil Gaiman will be pitching his hat into Harper’s new digital format ring, as well. If that’s not enough to send you into a twitchy-fit of joy, then listen up: he’s allowing his readers to choose the book they want posted. Readers can go to his website and vote for the novel they’d like to see posted.

It’s a smorgasbord of literature.

And it’s all gratis for our sticky little fingers.


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6 responses to “Free. My Favorite Word.

  • Avery

    Andrey and Aart,Looks like Mr. Coelho has that spark of genius in his entrepreneurial efforts as well as artistic. And Aart, it does, indeed, seem Harper Collins is reacting to Mr. Coelho’s already active internet participation.Thank you both for stopping by and leaving such valuable links.

  • aart hilal

    well – what people don’t know is that Harper Collins only launched this free online reading site after the bestselling author Paulo Coelho revealed his pirate coelho blog to the world during the DLD conference in Munich last January.I read the interveiw he gave for Newsweek and can’t help to join the dots: doubt Harper Collins would have made such a move without this author’s pressure.Thumbs up for Pirate Coelho!

  • Andrey

    Hello!I also enjoyed this book a lot!Have you heard that Paulo is inviting readers to adapt his book to the movie screen?It’s really exiting!Simply fantastic video about the project:'s the link of the contest called The Experimental Witch:EXPERIMENTAL WITCH BY PAULO COELHOHave a great dayAart

  • Avery DeBow

    The intent is great, but the currently available technology isn’t very eyesight friendly, I agree. But, it’s getting better all the time. Remember the black screens with the orange text? I need Ben Stein and his beach ball just thinking about it.

  • Lana Gramlich

    I’m with Charles…I have a hard time reading things of length on a computer screen. Still, this is very nice of them!

  • Charles Gramlich

    I’ve downloaded dozens of books from Project Gutenberg. Old Doc Savage and Shadow books, but so far I’ve only read one. Until I get some kind of “kindle” like device that I can carry with me I just can’t read online.

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