Making My Way Towards a Clearer Mind…or Not

Deciding that television was rotting my brain (or at least seriously debilitating the part that allowed me to focus on one thing for more than ten seconds), I decided to shift gears and try some guided meditation. I found a few likely scenarios online and chose what seemed a simple task for my starting out: pretend to walk through a forest, cycling through the seasons until I ended up in a field of flowers under the brilliant summer sun.

I settled down and did the whole yoga breath thing, quieting my mind and relaxing my body. I closed my eyes and I was inside the fiery autumn forest–with Eric Idle. And so began the two-cent tour of my meditation.

“Right. If you look over here, you’ll see the pretty leaves. Do watch your step. Oi! There are some lovely ones over here. Alright, then, keep up. This way, please. This way.”

For several amused moments I followed Eric through the forest in my mind, watching his crazed hair and butler-ish charcoal suit duck in and out of the trees as he insisted I keep up with the tour. And then it hit me.

I really do watch too much TV.

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15 responses to “Making My Way Towards a Clearer Mind…or Not

  • Avery

    RRN — Ah, but isn’t strange and disturbing much more exciting than calm?Thanks for stopping by.

  • RRN

    I found this post rather ironic as I have been giving thought to the idea of meditation as of lately. It seems like a cool idea in theory…..But what you wrote here seemed almost what I fear about it. The idea of letting my mind go and relax could release some pretty strange and disturbing moments I think.It was cool to read this.

  • Avery

    Sqt — We’re definitely two of a kind.I’ve started up yoga again, and, while it’s much less Zen to do now that I’m totally out of shape, I like to think I’m getting some of the concentration-enhancing benefits.

  • SQT

    Between watching TV and playing Guitar Hero I am way too attached to the box. And what do I do to get away from it? Surf the net of course. I need to get away from anything resembling a TV screen. The local gym has tai-chi classes and I’ve heard that’s a great form of active meditation. I need that kind. I can’t seem to still my mind very well.

  • Avery

    Steve — What? Sparkly? Where??Christina — The intent was better than the outcome, that’s for sure.

  • Christina

    HAAHAA!!! Looking at leaves! I love it!

  • Steve Malley

    I don’t think TV’s affected my atten– wow, sparkly. Um, what were we talking about again? Seriously funny post!

  • Avery

    Lana — You are a seriously better person than I am. As far as the analog to digital switch, it seems a little shady. First, the government said they ‘needed’ the analog to do whatever government things they do, then they said they’re going to sell it.Spy — I’ve tried them both. I do better with fires than candles. Again, the TV conditioning my brain to flashier things, I guess.By the way, I think I need to start using the term, “monkey mind.” It’s a perfect description for what goes on in my head eighty percent of the day!

  • spyscribbler

    Have you ever tried candle-gazing, or fire-gazing? It’s about the only meditation I can handle. Something about the fire brings me to a relaxed, stress-free focus.Otherwise, I’ve got a MAJOR case of monkey mind, LOL!

  • Lana Gramlich

    The recent commercials concerning the switch from analog TV signals to digital are reminiscent of a drug dealer upping the price. Oily, filthy. I wish people would revolt & just go without, but I also know it ain’t gonna happen. <:(

  • Lana Gramlich

    I realized many years ago that I was addicted to TV when I literally spent an hour going over & over the guide channel, just trying to find something to watch. I immediately shut it off & went for a walk in the woods.

  • Avery

    We should all kill our TV’s. At least right now, the lure of the box isn’t as great, what with there being nothing on due to the strike. And, when I do watch now (except for Lost and the random leftover episode of House), it’s usually National Geographic or some other more noble sort of programming.Makes me worry for our futures as artists when even the artist can’t pry herself away from the pretty flickering images.

  • Kate S

    LOL.And I don’t even have the TV excuse. I haven’t had a working one in 8 months, but could still relate to your nature walk.

  • Lana Gramlich

    *ROFL* Before I moved in with Charles I hadn’t watched TV in 9 years. It was an enlightening experience.

  • Charles Gramlich

    I think most of us do. When we evacuated to Austin for two and a half months after hurricane Katrina we didn’t have a tv the entire time. I got SO much done, and so much reading in.

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