Sub-Tropical Well-Wishes

It’s about that time. In a couple days I’ll be headed to sunny Florida. So, in-between packing, wrapping and worrying my cat’s controlled heart condition will mysteriously become symptomatic the moment I step foot out the door, I’m going to wish you all a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a blessed Yule, and a joyous any other holiday you care to celebrate.

I’ll be back after the new year with glorious tales of sunshine and 85% humidity. Until then, go enjoy your families. Like it or not, they’re pretty much the only ones who’ll always love you and be proud of you, despite the fact you put disgusting things in your stories.

Have a happy one, kids!

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I am a roller derbying, dark fantasy author. This blog chronicles my adventures in life, writing and skating. View all posts by Avery

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