The Big Guns

Yep. I want an agent so bad, I’ve turned to the Big Guy. Thanks to this site, I got a response right away. Seems even He isn’t going to make me any promises though. Dang!

Hi Avery,
I got your note. Thanks for writing!
I am writing you here. Right on your screen.

I like writing this way. Because you see my note right away!

You are already all grown up! It is hard to believe!

I’m really glad to hear you have been good most of the time.

I am very busy again this year. So much to do before Christmas! The elves and I are having fun. We are making presents. And we are shopping for presents too. Mrs. Claus is supervising.

You should see us all running around. We look like a merry go-round!

Blitzen is sure he won’t catch a cold this year. (He catches a cold every year. Right before Christmas!)

He is wearing a red coat with a big hood to stay warm. Only his nose pokes out. He looks like a red coat running around on four legs.

Well, back to work. I’ll try my best to get you the things you want, representation by a literary agent and all. Hmmmm. I had better not promise, though. Because I can’t be sure.

This is a great time of year to be very, very good. What with Christmas coming….

Merry Christmas!

Your friend,
Santa Claus

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