After much head-banging, cursing, pacing and even one minor hissy fit, I managed to rewrite my query letter. Thanks to the patient and visionary Architect, it turned out pretty damn gripping. Where I could only see the re-arranging of words, the Architect saw a grander picture, and helped me develop the best query I’m capable of producing–thereby securing every dedication page in every book I ever write.

It’s funny how I wrote the damn thing, yet couldn’t for my life give it the summary it deserved. As usual–and true to my obsessive nature–I kept focusing on the minutiae, the tiny parts I felt terribly crucial to the summary. It took someone who designs individual spaces, yet understands their effects on the whole to tell me I was going about it the wrong way. And I was. Once I looked at the whole, the minutiae I was so concerned with somehow tied in, giving a broad, but still intimate, snapshot of the novel.

As for the novel itself, I ended up revamping the first three chapters. Nothing major, just a few tweaks I felt needed to be made. In all, I think it’s a stronger opening for it, and hopefully engaging enough that I’ll at least get some requests for partials.

This afternoon will see another round of submissions, and, while I may not be as rosy-cheeked and doe-eyed about the outcome as I was just a month ago, I’m determined to see it through one way or another. It’s either that, or give in and find a day job–and that’s just not happening.

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6 responses to “Rebound

  • avery

    Christina — I’ve gotten numb to the waiting, I think. Now, if I can just get numb to the rejections, I’ll be good.Hang in there.Steve — I promise I didn’t make it vanish. But, don’t worry, now we can pretend it was the most amazing comment ever. Here we go:Steve — that last comment was right on! You freaking amaze me, man. I’m taking that to the grave.How’s that? 😉

  • Steve Malley

    Just stopped in to see if there were any new comments, only to find my own vanished into the ether.And of course, I’m far, far too sluggish to remember what the hell I said the first time! :-)Hope the querying goes well this time, mate!

  • Christina

    It’s odd, after I sent off my letter for agency, I’ve been holding my breath ever sense. I am living with this odd sensation, like constantly waiting for that scary scene in the horror film, only it’s me waiting each day for the reply letter. How do we do it?!?! I’m going insane with the waiting.

  • avery

    Jay — I’m going to hold you to that. Whee! Now I have TWO copies pre-sold. :)Charles — I was never one for the Big Picture, anyway. In my teens, my older sister would tell me to focus on the big picture whenever something was going wrong. My patent answer was always, “I don’t want to see the Big Picture.” At least I’m not as resistant to the concept, anymore.

  • Charles Gramlich

    Glad it came together for you. Yes, sometimes it’s very difficult to see the whole picture when you’re so close to the pixels that make it up. Good luck.

  • Jay

    It better get accepted, because I’m practically already in line to read the thing when it hits book stores!

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