Writing Update

Six pages written, 1058 words. Well, it’s not thirty, or even twenty. But, I’m giving myself a break because it’s the opening chapter, and those things are tough to write. Anyway, six pages is better than none, which is what I would have had if not for Kate.

Thanks Kate!

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7 responses to “Writing Update

  • avery

    Sidney — It is, isn’t it? Sometimes just knowing others are doing the same thing makes it a little easier to get going.

  • Sidney

    Keep plugging. It’s great to find something that can get the fingers moving across the keyboard.

  • avery

    Steve — Thanks. I’d love to get a first draft done in three months. We’ll see how the momentum goes. I tend to bog myself in plotting issues most of the time.Kate — Just getting started on the next book is triumph enough for a procrastinator like me.Sqt and Charles — Yeah, but you guys have lives, right? I’m just here, livin’ off the Architect’s generosity. I have no valid excuses not to be doing this.

  • Charles Gramlich

    I write every day but no way I’m gonna do 20 pages. too many projects, too little time. But congrats to you on a solid start.

  • SQT

    *groan*I so wish I could do this right now. But until I’m not crazy busy it’ll have to wait. January might be looking good….

  • Kate S

    You’re most welcome. I live to serve. :)To do NaNoWriMo, they estimate it takes 6 pages a day to reach the finish line, so you’re off to a good start if you want to keep it up.

  • Steve Malley

    Way to go, Avery! 1000 words a day is a first draft in three months. Do it!The story stays ‘hot’ in your head in that time, and you’ll probably find that the finished first draft will have more vitality as a result. Now get back to work… 😉

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