Kate has come up with an excellent challenge that I hope will get me on track with the opening chapters of the next book (and will also get me to stop stalking the mailman from window to window as he makes his way to my front stoop with what is undoubtedly just junk mail). She’s proposed we all–write. That’s it. The genius is in the simplicity; twenty pages a day for two weeks straight.

Of course, I’m coming in on this game three days late. I didn’t think I was going to do it at all, but I had a pretty good plotting day yesterday. While the basic ideas I nailed may not keep me going for 220 pages, it’s enough that I can be the little dog chasing the neighborhood cars–I’ll keep up for a while, then just lay down in the road and watch them disappear over the horizon, tail wagging in self-satisfaction.

So, twenty pages a day? Or, if I want to play catch-up, thirty for the next three days, then twenty thereafter? Sure, no problem.

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2 responses to “Challenged

  • Christina

    It looks like I’m going to be doing this rather late too and with my schedule, maybe not at all, though it is a great idea. Good luck on the writing!

  • Kate S

    Woohoo! I can run along with you since I’ve been booted out of the car by circumstances. I’m probably not going to make the 20p/day now either, but I’m still going with the “just write” plan.

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