Going Better

I have been slowly working my way through ‘Resonance’. I still haven’t figured out the ending. I’m sick of, “good girl beats the big bad in classic all-out brawl,” so I’m trying to think outside the box. I’ve considered a good many ideas, and have thrown out just as many. I’ve resorted to indirect thinking – keeping it always in the back of my mind, but not concentrating on it too much. I find when I attempt to force ideas, my brain locks up. Instead, I keep a nice neutral hum in my head — now thankfully facilitated by having my eardrums blown by standing front and center at a

  • Ministry show last night.

    I’ve had some good ideas for other parts of the novel, which I’ve gone back and edited. I’ve made Quinn and Wyatt more active and tried to make Resonance a little more sympathetic, which was difficult. She’s somewhat of a bitch, and needs to be for the story’s sake. It doesn’t help her win reader sympathy too fast, though. So, I’ve tried to give a glimmer of insight into her issues to help keep the readers interested in her long enough to see how she evolves. But, kids, that’s all I’m going to say about her, here. If you want to know her better, and maybe discover some hints about the plot of ‘Resonance,’ you can check out her MySpace blog. The link is on this page.

    The plans for my sequel, ‘Harmony’ and my stand-alone novel, ‘Green Dahlia’ are also coming along well. I have basic character outlines for all major characters as well as the bare bones laid out for each of their plots. I have piles of index cards by my desk, as well as upstairs near the bathroom since the shower is an incredible place for ideas, I’ve found. More than once I’ve dashed out in just a towel to write a drippy note to myself about some revelation I’ve just had about one of the stories.

    This post is a little sloppier than my others. Again, I’ll blame it on getting in at four in the morning and on this crazy buzzing in my ears – which is truly distracting. I can’t complain though. I was ten feet from Al Jourgensen and managed to catch a pick thrown expressly to me by the Revolting Cock’s guitarist. I felt special.

    Anyway, tomorrow means back to the drawing board.

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    I am a roller derbying, dark fantasy author. This blog chronicles my adventures in life, writing and skating. View all posts by Avery

    3 responses to “Going Better

    • Beerspitnight

      Thanks for checking out my site, and feedback on my writing is always a welcomed sight.Keep plugging away at your novel, I am sure that it will come together for you with continued hard work. Hell, merely writing a novel in itself is a great personal accomplishment (at least it would be for me)I dig your style and enjoy reading your work. So thanks for your words and for taking the time to read mine.Brian-(I’m going to throw your blog address on my links page if its cool with you.)Raw Words

    • something from me

      How can one get a copy of this novel? It sounds good.I too am a novelist, an extract of mine is available on my weblog.Can you send me anything to look at ?

    • Christina Rundle

      I’m really excited about your novels. Just reading your passion for what you write is amazing. I really love it.

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