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A Link to Follow

Today I’m not writing much.  Not because I have nothing to say (that’s a rare event), but because someone else has something more important to say.  I’m linking to a blog written by my roller derby league’s president and coach, Buster Skull.  Buster has lymphoma, but I’m not linking because the story of her cancer is so unique.  It’s not.  Everyone with cancer has a similar story of how they got it, and how they went/are going through treatment.  I am linking because Buster herself is unique.

The first time I met Buster I thought she was an adorable ball of energy.  I saw her skate and quickly changed “adorable” to “intimidating.”  Then came the cancer diagnosis and a whole plethora of adjectives rushed in to join the previous two.  There are moments in one’s life when some chord strikes inside us and we realize we are seeing a wonder we are not likely to see again in this lifetime.  It is with total honesty when I say Buster has struck that chord within me.  I may have been alive twice as long as she, but have lived only half as much.  Her attitude resonates with me as a skater, a writer, and a human being.

So, everyone, please meet Buster:  

Is There Anything You Don’t Like About Having Cancer