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A Few Quick Updates

I’m backtracking a little through my progress with the Resonance sequel (titled Harmony), because I’ve decided–no, the story’s decided–there has to be a third book.  I never expected this to become a trilogy.  Well, once I had a notion that there was room within the plot confines for a third book, but I never really gave it much thought beyond that.  Then, the other night I was playing the “what if” game with the Architect and an entirely new idea twisted itself out of the current Harmony plot, and set about weaving itself into a whole storyline.  Because of that, some of the events that were going to happen in this upcoming novel have either been shifted to the final book’s plot, or have been deleted altogether.  I don’t mind the work, really, because it’s all going to make for a much more exciting series.  And that’s a good thing.  It’s just chewing up a significant amount of my extra time.

In derby news, we at SRG had another bout on July 17.  We won, by a significant margin.  I don’t have any photos to post, sadly, because no one I know has a camera that’s speedy enough to take the good action pictures, and I’m too lazy to contact the people who do to see if they’ll allow me publication rights.  But, I was there and I skated well.  Promise.  We had an unofficial scrimmage against another team on Sunday night, and we won with a similar score.  This all makes me very happy, and excited for our next bout in August.

I also got new wheels, Atom G-Rods, and my laps-in-five-minutes count went from 26 to 28.  Yay for magically awesome wheels!  Oh, and I have a new helmet.  It does nothing to make me faster.  But, it does a lot for the looking badass category.

This is probably one of my lamer posts, but the derby and writing have been warring for my attention, and I find I don’t have the time I used to for getting these posts together.  Just wanted you all to know I hadn’t died under a pile of cats or derby girls.

Oh, and I have an interview with Adam Slade up at Editing Hat, today, if you’d like to check that out.  I talk about writing, derby, and wading through flooded streets in nightwear.  It’s more amusing than this most likely has been.  Promise–yet again.


Days Like This

I woke up this morning with my head spinning. Ideas for the next novel were flying around in my mind so fast I was sure I’d forget something before I found my glasses and made my way to a piece of paper. Fortune was with me, though, and well before noon I had a hefty chunk of the sequel’s outline done.

I think I can finally relate to what athletic people experience when they push themselves to go that extra mile, or power past the muscle fatigue when climbing that extra-steep rock face. There’s a rush of accomplishment that comes with the triumph that has little to do with external forces or validation; the battle–and a large part of the reward–is wholly internal. Today, it was just me and the mountain…

Well, a mountain of index cards (which can be fairly dangerous as well, given the high likelihood of paper cuts).

I guess writing’s not as solitary a pursuit as I like to claim it is. Whether it’s a battle against laziness, a dreary trudge through spans of no inspiration, or a brief, rare reign as master of my invented universe, there’s always two of me hanging around; The Writer and The Hack. All too often it’s The Hack that gains the upper hand, goading me into believing everything is impossible and nothing is attainable. But, every once in a while The Writer surfaces and The Hack gets spanked.

It’s days like this that I’m elated to be a writer. Today, the possibility that there may be no need for a sequel if book Numero Uno is never published can’t faze me. The Hack is out to lunch, and The Writer is all business.