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Two Posts in One Day! Can You Believe it?

Steve tagged me for a screenshot of my desktop. Figuring I’d forget it completely if I didn’t do it now, here it is. We just changed to this image a few days ago. Before that it was a spray-painted wall that said, “Please F**k the System, Thank You.” This one is much cooler (and eeevil).

Anyway, there’s not much going on in the file area because I store everything not immediately necessary in my desktop folders (we’ve already gone over the fact I’m neurotic, right?). All I have up is my agent submissions folder, a document on funeral director requirements for Maryland, a couple catch-all, temporary folders for the day’s writing and two drafts of my one-page synopsis. At the bottom is the toolbar for the things I use most: desktop folders, Firefox, mail, Word, Sherlock, address book and Messenger. The rest is either system software I’ve never paid attention to or is part of the Architect’s domain that I don’t mess with. My trash is full, as always, since I’m always afraid I’ve thrown away something I might need later.