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Serious Dry Spell Ahead (and Behind)

Sorry I haven’t been making the rounds, or posting, as of late. Between getting together submission packages, working on the new novel, and, oh yeah, buying our first house, I just haven’t had time. Between letters and synopses there are calls from real estate lawyers, loan brokers, and the seller. In between stuffing envelopes with hopeful queries and running back and forth to Staples (my printer decided now would be a nice time to die), I’m frantically calling the city housing commission, home inspectors and many other licensed professionals keen to part me from my sparse pile of cash.

This is our first house purchase–we’re late bloomers–and it’s a crazy process. I have to applaud anyone who still has even a fraction of their original brain capacity after going through this. That it’s the house we’re currently renting is simultaneously easier and more difficult; on one hand, we don’t have to move our considerable piles of crap, but on the other, if I (for it is I who deals with everyone since I’m home all day) make one little slip, cause one unintended hurt feeling on the part of our seller/landlord, I can bet the Architect and I will be moving all our piles of crap, and in a big hurry, to boot.

Regardless of these pitfalls, I like this little house. It has zero insulation, a weird interior layout, and it needs a good deal of work done to it. Fortunately for me, I have an architect at hand, and he just happens to be a carpenter, too. Plus, there are his parents, who already have hammers in hand–as they have built or renovated every house they’ve owned in the half-century they’ve been together and aren’t anywhere near ready to stop tearing things up. Me? I’m great at fetching, anticipating needs (that former “assistant” thing coming into play) and holding the Dumb End. AND If we can get the paperwork in order and no one beats us to it, there’s a lone home conversion grant left in the city housing office, just waiting for us to claim, and that would buy us quite a few Dumb Ends.

This is as much as I can do for right now, hope you all understand. I have phone calls to make and character profiles to lay out–and many miles to go before I sleep (or can officially hang the Home Sweet Home Sign).