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Did you say you like the occult?

There’s been a lot of buzz on the blogs I frequent about writers helping — or, more specifically, not helping — one another. I’ve harbored the same concern for quite a while, and I’ve done my fair share of complaining. After deep consideration and a brief consult with the genius of Benjamin Hoff (The Tao of Pooh) and his insight into the “Confusionist, Desiccated Scholar,” I’ve decided to stop worrying about those who wish to horde information as if it were the rightful property of only a select few and move on. In short, I’m shutting up and putting up.

Below is a list of sites I encountered during my research into occult and magical studies for this novel. There used to be more, but a good number of the links have drifted into oblivion since I began this collection over three years ago. Others were lost with a hard drive crash last summer.

I hope one or more of them will help one or more of you find that extra something to curl the toes of your readers. To those of you who don’t write fantasy, horror or any other genre in the paranormal/toe-curling family, I’m sorry I don’t have anything for you, other than a list of fascinating reads that just might make you want to come over to the dark side.


University of Virginia’s Religious Movement Project — Covers topics on religions across the United States, with an interesting section on cults.’s Book of Shadows — Although About is a pretty common site, I’ve included this direct link to basic principles of Wicca that’s broken down into smaller sections on things like altar appearance and symbols.

National Occult Research Association — Dark Magic, paganism… Something for everyone.

Archives of Western Esoterica — The mother of all occult sites! All the archaic magical knowledge you can handle. Make sure you check out the Key of Solomon and the Lemegeton (the Lesser Key).

The Catholic Encyclopedia on Demonology — About demons, by the Catholic Church

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance — Contains a good overview of many different beliefs, including Wicca and Vodun.

Waning Moon — Information on the Dark Pagan path. The bulk of the information on this site seems to be missing right now, but the link page gives a good selection of links to other sites (a few of which I’ve mentioned here).

Hermetic Fellowship’s Virtual Library — More esoteric documents.

The Alchemy Website — All things alchemical. — You guessed it, all things monster. I’m a fan of the demon section.

Sacred Texts Online — Bring your wading boots and lots of patience; it’s a huge site with a sea of religious info.

God Checker — Not sure if you’re dealing with Ninhursag or Inanna? Check!

The Serene Dragon — All things dragon.

Death and Dementia — I’ve only been to the paranormal anomalies section, so I can’t account for what you might find elsewhere on this site.

Ex Oblivion — The site’s owner has a collection of personal essays on a host of dark beliefs/practices.

Traditional Religion in Africa: The Voudon Phenomenon in Benin — Article by Barthelemy Zinzindhohoue.

DMOZ Open Directory Project — This link connects to their religion and spirituality directory.
Their Vodun
section is quite large.

Maryland Paranormal Research Society — Mostly pertains to Maryland stuff, but still an interesting site.


Maybe next week we’ll talk books.