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And Now for Something Completely Different…

I’m not the best salesperson.  Back when I worked at a kiosk in the mall (cut me some slack; I was nineteen), I sold “Diamond Dirt.”  It was this gelatinous goo that one could put plants in and they would “grow” just like normal plants.  Seeing the mangy, sad sticks poking out of the suffocating pink and green glop, I did not believe in this product, and could not get behind it.  Whenever any potential client asked me questions like, “Is it better than dirt?”  my reply was a quick, “Probably not.”  I quit the sales business in rapid order.

Having said that, I will, on occasion, pitch something to people whenever I truly believe in it.  Dyson vacuums would be one of them.  Apple computers would be another.  Fluevog shoes, a third.  And now, author Charles Gramlich joins the ranks.  Charles is a talented writer whose diverse range of work always proves a good read.  His ebook, Killing Trail debuted today on Kindle for Amazon.  From the author’s blogger page:


Killing Trail is a collection of western short stories by Charles Allen Gramlich, the author of the Talera Trilogy and Cold in the Light. It contains:

Killing Trail: When they dumped Angela Cody on Lane Holland’s ranch she was scant moments from death. She managed to speak only a few words, but those were enough to make Lane strap on his guns and ride out on a killing trail.

Showdown at Wild Briar: Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, Josh Allen Boone has ridden a long way from his Wild Briar Ranch. But now he’s coming home, and the real killers are waiting for him with a rope. (Never before published.)

Powder Burn: They said Davy Bonner’s luck had run out and they ambushed him along a dark road. But luck or no, Davy wasn’t going down without a fight. (Written specifically for this collection.)

Once Upon a Time with the Dead: For the gray raiders, death was an old friend.

The work also includes two nonfiction essays, one about Louis L’Amour and another about the real Wild West.
As I said before, Charles is a great writer.  And, by selling his ebook for just $2.99, he’s also quite the bargain master.  That grocery-store-coleslaw-tub-of-useless-glop I had to sell back in 1992 wasn’t even that cheap!

Go download a copy (and get yourself a Dyson, while you’re at it).


It just came to my attention that I’ve had comments over the past several months. For whatever reason, I wasn’t told they were there. Today, I switched to the beta version of Blogger and a pile of comments surfaced from whatever dank hole they’d been banished to. And here I thought I was just unpopular.

So, to all of you who took time out of your day to give me some sort of response and received only the sound of crickets chirping in return, I wholeheartedly apologize. It seems the problem is now fixed, so feel free to jump back in. I promise no more ominous silences.