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Apparently some troglodyte boys in England with nothing better to do than shatter lives decided to attack a twenty year-old goth couple and stomp on their heads–just because they were goth (full story here). Now the pretty little girl is dead and her severely injured boyfriend addle-minded and grief-stricken. Now a set of parents have to buy a coffin and put their little girl in it. Another set of parents have to explain to their son (probably over and over if his head injury is serious as it sounds) why his girlfriend is no longer around. Yet another group of parents have to sit in dazed shock and wonder how their children could do such a thing.

In the end, the young teenagers involved in the attack will probably go away for a short while and then go on with their lives because they were minors and not ‘mature’ enough to understand that stomping on someone’s head causes them to die.

And the poor girl will still be dead.