Oh, and I Play Roller Derby

Since the past two weeks have been filled with getting ready for my roller derby team’s first ever bout, I haven’t really been writing much.

(Waiting for grumbles of chastisement to cease)

See, I agreed to be the bout production coordinator, because… Well, if we have our honest hats on, because I have a bossy streak and an inescapable need to be in charge of things.  So, it’s all my fault, really.  I haven’t been doing nothing, though.  I’ve fit in several internalized versions of my ever-famous “What If” plotting tirades between the ticket sales, text messages, shopping trips, printer emergencies, and phone calls.  As far as actual writing goes, though, these past two paragraphs are pretty much the sum of it.


Now that the first home bout is over, I think things will be much easier from here on out–which is good, because I need to crawl back inside my head and get some things done.

Until I come back with something more substantial, I will leave you with the information that our bout was amazing.  Nothing went wrong.  We had over six hundred people in attendance and they all had a blast.  It was an inter-league bout where we split into two teams, The Old Bay Bombers and The Wicomikazis.  I was on The Bombers, and we just happened to win.

But, the big win of the night was an entire league of girls finally getting out there and showing the public what a group of fun-loving, hard working badasses we really are.

Photo courtesy of Todd DeHart Good Clean Fun Life  (on Facebook)

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