When I was younger, my parents had expectations. They expected me to work hard and get good grades, and I did. Then, when I shifted away from being that girl, they expected me to up and switch back. After that, they simply expected me to stay alive long enough to move the hell out of the house. Now, my mom’s only expectation is to expect nothing from me. And you know what? I kinda enjoyed that.
Things are changing, though. Doing and being nothing is no longer an option for me. The deck has been re-shuffled and a whole new game has been dealt–and it’s for me alone to play. 
Even though my entire future is laid out before me, I don’t know what’s coming. Can I rely on myself to pull it together? Do I even care enough to try? Can I get by with just going through the motions and not involving myself any more than necessary in the situation at hand? Am I the one they all say I am? The one capable of doing what needs to be done? Or (as I heartily suspect) have the expectations been wrongly assigned?
I feel like a hiccup in that birthday party donkey game. I’m off to the side, watching fate being blindfolded and spun. Fate sets out across the living room with that little tail, wandering far away from the intended target. Dizzy and disoriented, the blindfolded fate misses the donkey altogether, and mistakenly slaps the tack in Reluctant Partygoer Number One. 
So, here I am with a braided yarn tail stuck in the center of my forehead while those fucking expectations surround me; crawling up my nose, clogging my ears, drowning me in their insistency. 
I really hate birthday parties.

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6 responses to “Expectations

  • AvDB

    Res, here. Sorry about not getting back to you guys as fast as you commented. Like I said before, there's stuff going on with me and I'm trying to figure it all out. Still, not an excuse to be shitty, so here goes:Walking Man — Yeah, man. I feel ya.Charles — Damned if I know.Lana — And I thought I was being grim. Hah!Calgaroo — Um, what photos? You mean of Avery? Well, she's all right, I guess. For an old person. Amberspoke — It's that whole learning thing that throws me, more often than not. I don't do it very well.Oh, and Avery says I should thank you bottom two for stopping by. I don't know why, but it's her place, so, thanks.

  • amberspoke

    Hey, aren't expectations ultimately what OTHERS want you to do? Don't they teach us not to do this in the first place?

  • Calgaroo

    OMG!..I absolutely love your photos..they are gorgeous..

  • Lana Gramlich

    I learned too many times that one can't even expect long-time friends to actually be friends, unfortunately. Expectation leads to downfalls, disappointments and destruction.

  • Charles Gramlich

    Chosen and yet resistant. Destiny or bad luck?

  • the walking man

    Res it may be a party but when playing at that table keep your back to the wall and your eyes on the door and if you get aces and eights dealt to you, drop the hand.

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