Another Delay

Once again, I’m delaying the next installment of my story.  The Architect (whom I have not seen more than twenty minutes of in the past two weeks) wants to spend time with me today.  And I don’t say no to him–not even for you guys.  And next week I might be headed out to help some family with a home improvement project.  I’d like to get that part over with before Memorial Day weekend, because Memorial Day + Chesapeake Bay Bridge + beachgoers = hours long traffic jams.  But, that part still isn’t concrete, so if next week ends up clear, I’ll post.  If not, well, I’ll get back to work as soon as possible.

Sorry again to be putting things off.  One of these days I’ll join the new century, get a laptop, and make my entire work existence as portable as the rest of me.

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