Commenting Changes

As of now, any responses will have to be approved by me before posting. I really resisted this action before because I didn’t want my friends to feel like their comments were under scrutiny or think they were being judged as if they might not be worthy for my silly little blog. But–big, hairy but–the douches with the crawlers and Taco Bell-stained sweatpant, basement dweller jobs are spamming the shit out of this profile and I’m spending more time than I’d like deleting ads for weight loss pills, dick stiffeners and all sorts of other nonsense. And it has finally pissed me off.

Do you remember when the teacher in elementary school would get so fed up with that one kid who was dancing around in his chair, flipping up his eyelids and making armpit farting noises that she would make EVERYONE put their heads down for five minutes? Well, that’s pretty much what’s happening here.

Kids, thank the armpit farter, because now I have to cull through your comments before they post.

In unison now:


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