Just So We’re All Clear

A short, yet illuminating video** (because I’m too lazy to write anything useful today):

Oh, and taking a chance on any of the thousands of new writers with zero credentials, but mind-blowing novels–now THAT’S

**Thanks again to my personal, internet-scouring evil flying monkey, “X” for finding this video

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7 responses to “Just So We’re All Clear

  • Avery DeBow

    Steve — It’d be nice if those predisposed to sporting corporate logos would get them inked on their forehead so the rest of us can have advanced warning.And thanks for the compliment. Being a girl, I tend to like them.Laughingwolf — Even more importantly, just because some clowns in suits throw assloads of money at it and pump the radio stations so full of it that tween girls suddenly believe they positively can’t live without every piece of related merchandise doesn’t make it good, or music.Miladysa — Hey, that must mean you’re some kind of anti-punk narc! You are, aren’t you? Just kidding. It was probably taken down, or something.

  • Miladysa

    😦 Can’t view it at the moment – message reads “not available”

  • laughingwolf

    i’m with you, av, just cuz some clown burned it to disk does not make it good… or even music! 😦

  • Steve Malley

    That… was…..AWESOME!Reminds me of a recent question, though, on why there’s no Singstar Punk. Possible answers:1) Atonal yelling is too easy/difficult to score2) That’s an awful lot of spare change to panhandle3) There’s no power in a squatand my favorite:4) Being on Singstar is simply NOT PUNK ROCK!!!!Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I need to go tattoo a corporate logo to give an idiot an identity….

  • Avery DeBow

    Yeah, I’ve purchased a couple things, as well. As long as it’s considered on an even playing field with any other mall-based entity (and not elevated to some mythical coolness status), and one understands exactly where one is at and why, it’s all good. I buy most of my shit at Target, but I certainly don’t go around bragging about how punk it is. And I don’t go wearing every piece of the crap I bought there at the same time. I think that’s the main difference between occasional shoppers and Hot Topic worshipers.

  • Charles Gramlich

    I like both the song and the sentiment, although I confess to having bought one thing at Hot Topic in my life.

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