Putting on the Brakes

I’ve been futzing around with my WIP for a while now, finding ideas here and there, but never getting into the whole writing thing. I thought it was maybe the house issues distracting me, the cramped chaos of my new writing area (see above photo–eeek!), or some random symptom of an undiagnosed malaise. But, today I had an idea for a novel. And I got excited. Really, really excited. That was the moment a grim realization hit me; I’m just not that into my story.

For what it’s worth, the concept for the WIP is solid; there’s a good plot with lots of potential. But, it has been in my brain for the entire time I’ve written Resonance, sat patiently in my thoughts as I polished the other and sent it off to agents. Somewhere along the line I think the sitting might have turned to moldering; it just feels old and tired. And that makes me sad. They were born together, those two ideas, but while I poured my full attention on its sister, Green sat in stasis–immobile to the point of rigor mortis.

Maybe this isn’t the end. Maybe I just need some space. A breather.

It’s not it.

It’s me.

Yeah, I think I’m breaking up with my book.

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11 responses to “Putting on the Brakes

  • Steve Malley

    *ahem* On behalf of your many fans…more blogging, please.thank you. 🙂

  • Avery DeBow

    Lana — Indeed it does! ;)Laughingwolf — I think so, too. The way the Architect has designed it, I don’t think I’ll have an excuse not to be inspired.Sidney — I keep thinking about my issue, and I think it’s because the whole project seems thin. It needs some meat–but I can’t figure out what that filler might be. Sqt — Thanks. I hope so, too.Stewart — You’re not necessarily wrong; I’ve been having a hard time getting any type of routine together as of late and the lack of continuity is clearly taking an toll. But, I did have the boredom with Resonance, and fully expected it to happen while I was writing this one–just not before I even got started.

  • Stewart Sternberg

    Allow me to be the futz. Too many people I know get excited about a project and try and have that excitement carry them through. Don’t get me wrong. Everybody should be excited about what they write. I think though that creativity is a process and something which requires, and this will sound counterintuitive, a routine. Just a thought. I am going to expound further on this subject at some other time, but I wanted to put it out there; not necessarily saying this about you, but your posting provoked the thought it me.Anyway, good luck on the agent thing. For some reason I find being rejected by an agent more annoying than being rejected by a publisher. I don’t mind being rejected by people named Sally.

  • SQT

    Break-ups suck. Hope the new relationship is a keeper.

  • Sidney

    I think ideas click or some additional idea can sometimes click that makes a project take off. That kind of happened for me with the project I’m working on. The main idea had been around a while, but recently I got an idea about why the hero was involved and that made all the difference about keeping things moving.I have a fairly nice sized office, but it’s cramped because it’s got so many books crammed into it. I’m not sure what the ideal is about workspace.

  • laughingwolf

    sh*t happens, but don’t despair… that thing will survive the rest, too… once you have the new work area, things will come together

  • Lana Gramlich

    I’m sorry, hon. Try some chocolate. Chocolate helps EVERYthing. 😦

  • Avery DeBow

    Christina — I’m in the early planning stages, but I’m pretty excited. Maybe I’ll get re-started on the other one in a couple of weeks.As for the house, I had no idea how to gut one, either. It’s much simpler than it seems, though. Putting it back together on the other hand…Charles — I guess that was my problem; I had time to work on the other one, but I really wasn’t. This one, I jumped right in. Usually, I do what you do–take notes. Steve — The two a.m. manuscript booty call after the shine has worn off my newest toy?

  • Steve Malley

    Maybe this new infatuation will be the start of something great. If not, maybe you’ll spot the one you dumped sitting in a drawer and say, “You look great.”

  • Charles Gramlich

    I worry about this happening sometimes and so when I have an idea for something that excites me while I’m working on another piece, I make quick notes about the exciting new piece and then “force” myself not to think about it until I can devote some time to it.

  • Christina

    I hate when that happens. I hope the new wip is going great. The fact that the two of you are building your house is amazing. I don’t know if I’d even know what to start with in gutting the house.

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