Watch Out World

At long last. I’m finally old enough to run for President. Let the world domination scheme begin. Hail to the Chief!

Sadly, I was supposed to be getting a house today, too, but the settlement has been pushed back until next week. It’s too bad; not many people get a whole house on the same day they qualify to become a candidate for the leader of the free world. Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to content myself with good friends, good sushi, and perhaps a little Indiana Jones.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll be back to regular postings as soon as this whole house purchasing thing is out of the way and my mind is again free to wander at will.

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10 responses to “Watch Out World

  • Avery DeBow

    Thanks, Stewart. Always a good day when you pop by!Porn Master Sternberg. I like the sound of that.

  • Stewart Sternberg

    Happy Birthday young un. I would like to have a place in your cabinet. Please consider me for Chief of Staff. Maybe Porn Master. I’m flexible.

  • Avery DeBow

    Sqt — It is, isn’t it? I think they designed it this way on purpose, a nice long torture session that ends in huge responsibilities–and taxes.As for running, the unfortunate timing of this birthday forces me to wait until next go-round. But, it will give me time to assemble my minions.Charles — Good luck right back to you. Selling is not an easy thing to do right now.I’ll make you Special Minister of Southern Immigration so you can decide who can come into Louisiana and who can’t. Lana — You’re right about the timing; our crappy (thankfully still-rented) clothes dryer bit it last week. Had we settled when we were supposed to, it would have been our problem, not our landlord’s. Timing being what it is, we’re currently not responsible for the repairs.As for your suggestion, sounds like a good one to me.Spy — Yes. Another anniversary for the chick who’s getting too old, too fast. Thanks for the well wishes on both accounts. I’m hoping this year brings many more things I never thought I’d attain.Steve — He’s more of an Evil Underlord. Definitely a behind-the-scenes type mastermind. Like the Wizard of Oz.And thank you. It turned out pretty nice.RRN — Thanks. But, Bush DeBow? Really? I’m trying to take over the world, not strip for it. 😉

  • RRN

    This post was awesome. Breathe of fresh air anyway….Perhaps you should change your first name to Bush and run for it.Bush Debow works for you ! Help her help you.

  • Steve Malley

    I wonder how old one must be to become Evil Overlord? Probably best we ask Dick Cheney…Bon Anniversaire, you!

  • spyscribbler

    Does this mean it’s your birthday? Happy Birthday! And Happy New House!I hope it’s a great new year for you!

  • Lana Gramlich

    Sometimes things happen for a reason. Back in ’05 I was dismayed when the closing of my mother’s house kept getting postponed. By the time things finally finished up & went through, I ended up getting my share of the estate a mere 3 days before Hurricane Katrina, so we evacuated knowing that we wouldn’t have to worry about money. Had things happened as they “should” have, I might have ended up owning one of many destroyed, toxic, flooded homes down here. Due to the timing, I ended up buying our house AFTER the disaster. *whew*Will you decriminalize marijuana (& perhaps tax it to pay for health care)? That’s what I’D do. 😉

  • Charles Gramlich

    I’d vote for you too, though I might lobby for a few agenda items, like eliminating immigration of any kind into Louisiana and Arkansas, where we have enough people thank you.Good luck with the house thing. My ex and I are trying to sell one now and it’s a prayerful situation.

  • SQT

    Sorry about the wait. Going through escrow is excruciating. So. When are you running? I’d vote for you.

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