Slugs and Waiting Rooms

Last night while trip-trapping around my back yard with a flashlight, picking slugs off of my baby herbs (I have a monstrous infestation going on), I came up with an idea for another novel. It started with the most ridiculous, most attention-grabbing opening line I could possibly think of. It was the perfect sentence, an awesome pitch that would amuse some, offend others, and definitely make a reader want to know where this sentence would lead them. I thought, “If only I can carry it through. Can I make an entire novel out of a sentence that was no more than a fleeting thought in my slug-numbed brain?” Turns out, I may be able to do just that.

Me and Agatha (the broke-ass Explorer) were back at the Ford dealership today. While Aggie was having her oil changed, her A.C. charged and her cruise control fixed, I sat at the little cubby desk in the waiting room and scribbled in my mostly full Five Star notebook. I’m not sure how long I was there. Maybe an hour. Maybe longer. I couldn’t tell you; I was that absorbed in the work. By the time Agatha was finished, I had most of a plot outlined, as well as more details and backstory crafted for the novel I’m currently working on.

You know, I think I may have to have to lease that desk. Before today’s flood of inspiration that same waiting room provided the backdrop for the detailing of Resonance‘s sequel. I guess when faced with the choice of either watching Regis and Kelly yap away like accessory dogs or get some real work done, I have no choice but to do the latter. Whatever the reason, I’m really prolific when I’m there.

What do you think? Should I show up every day with a briefcase and get to work and see if anyone stops me? Or, should I go the legitimate route and present them with a proposal package? Maybe they’ll trade the desk space for straightening the magazines, or something.

So, along with my current work-in-progress and the YA novel I’ve been considering, I have another contemporary/urban fantasy on my hands. Not too shabby. Looks like I took everyone’s excellent advice and moved on–at hyper speed. I guess I’m just going to have to kick it Stephen King style and write three books at once.

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10 responses to “Slugs and Waiting Rooms

  • Sidney

    From little herbs, great ideas grow.

  • Avery

    Christina — You should be proud. After all, it was your idea.I’ll see if I can make some little progress meter or something to keep you updated. And, thanks for the offer to read; I’ll most likely be taking you up on that offer.Sqt — I have a feeling once the Architect and I close on this house and the interior walls succumb to the Architect’s sledgehammer, I, too, will be looking for a place with indoor heat (or A.C.)!Lana — I believe you are absolutely right. As far as your being AWOL, since I currently live in a mansion of glass, I won’t be chucking any stones your way!

  • Lana Gramlich

    I think the idea of going there daily is hysterical! I think you & I could be dangerous together. *LOL* Did I mention how much I love Slurm? ;)Sorry for the recent AWOLness, but I’ve been busy with my Canadian visitor. Things will return to normal later this week.

  • SQT

    J.K. Rowling seemed to find the local coffee shop inspirational. Or maybe she was just looking for someplace with indoor heat. Whatever works for ya.

  • Christina

    I’m so happy for you. I loved how the short story went and I think a longer story would be wonderful. If you need a content reader, I raise my hand now on this. You would have something up so we can see where you are on your projects. Not like a deadline list or anything, just a small chart on the side that says: Today I’m working on this chapter, or this outline. What can I say, I’m like the proud aunt of your YA project.

  • Avery DeBow

    Charles — I don’t think I could ever do that. Not only am I not skilled enough, the neurotic monster living in me would no doubt come alive and I’d spend my entire morning lining up the top edges of all the typewriters’ paper.Steve — Ah hah! So that’s why you moved to New Zeland; your twenty-foot distances here in the U.S started to overlap.Christina — Yes, ma’am it is. And I should have given you props for being the one to point out what category it would best fit in. Sorry about that, chicka.Spy — The Architect and I were talking about places I could go to get away from the house (which I, too, dwell in all day long). Our Barnes and Noble is a candidate, as is the University’s library (our local public one smells like feet). I think getting myself away from the distractions of the internet would be a great start.

  • spyscribbler

    LOL, that’s great! I get my best writing done at Borders. Being home is too distracting for me, plus I’m home all day. If I don’t go out and write, I’d shrivel up inside my house!

  • Christina

    lol, that is so funny. I’m so glad you were able to get a plot put together that quickly. When a good idea hits, it really hits you square in the noodle!The YA novel, is that going to be based off the short story you let me read or is it something new?

  • Steve Malley

    GogoGO! YAYYY!I recommend just showing up. Speak to no one, keep the eye contact brief, intense and unnerving. Any effort to look over your shoulder or in other ways see what you’re writing should be met with an earbleeding shriek. I’ve written two novels that way and have quite the collection of restraining orders! ;)Charles, that was Isaac Asimov. One room, many typewriters, and the wheeled chair that raced him from inspiration to inspiration.

  • Charles Gramlich

    During the pulp days there was a guy who kept half a dozen typewriters going all the time and typed on one until he hit a block then switched to another. I can’t remember the guy’s name but maybe you are channelling him.

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