Rest in Peace

Madeleine L’Engle has died at age 88. As one of the millions of children who discovered a path into a different world via the Wrinkle she created, I wish her a peaceful, most deserved rest.

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9 responses to “Rest in Peace

  • Steve Malley

    Just wanderd over to your MySpace page…You scored as a Hannibal Lecter You are Hannibal Lecter. You dont need to eat human flesh to live, but do so because it just taste good. You are very intelligent, and enjoy using it to your advantage to keep people guessing. You arent a killing machine, but when you do decide to let loose, watch out! Dinner is served, with some fava beans, and a nice chianti!

  • Steve Malley

    Somehow, I haven’t quite gotten around to her yet…Hope your own writing goes well.

  • Christina

    I’m with you. I wish her peace and to feel completed in her next task.

  • avery

    Ah, bad link to Sqt. But, just follow the breadcrumbs to the post entitled, “Maybe I’m Projecting.”

  • Avery

    Charles — That is strange.Sqt — I was thinking of picking it up again, as well. It’s been a long time and I know when I was little parts of the book confused me. I can only hope I can muddle it out, now.Spy — This was actually my first fantasy book, or at least that I can recall. I think we had to read it in school. Then I went on to read the rest of her books on my own.Beer — You should. She had a powerful imagination. I read recently that she had a lot of Christian undertones in her work (check out Sqt above; she just put up an excellent post on that subject in her Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin’ blog). I’d never noticed them before, but I was raised fairly heathen and wholly ignorant of the Bible, so I probably thought any references were some sort of fantasy-speak.

  • Beerspitnight

    I think I may need to go to B&N and pick up one of her books – can’t say that I’ve ever read any of her stuff….

  • spyscribbler

    I loved Wrinkle in Time! I’m fairly certain it was my first fantasy after Narnia.

  • SQT

    I loved L’Engle when I was a kid. I haven’t read her work in years. I should pick it up, you know, in remembrance.

  • Charles Gramlich

    I was sorry to hear this. In a strange twist of fate, at the moment Lana told me of this I was looking at a review of an Andre Norton book that mentioned it’s similarity to Engle’s work.

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