The Order of the Phoenix — Three Things

I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. Instead of delving into a detailed critique of the entire movie–a topic which I am sure has been beaten to death over the internet already–I’m going to say three short things, and leave it at that.

1) I still hate the way they’ve characterized/cast Dumbledore. He snapped at the students. Dumbledore! What’s up with that? And the actor–can that man do any expression other than angry? Where’s the constant smile? The unflappability?

2) Harry’s, “I feel sorry for him,” scene. Ick. Cheesy.

3) No matter what unfocused, tiny corner of the screen they shoved Helena Bonham Carter into, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Lucius Malfoy might as well have not even been there.

That’s it. Three things.

Now, I’m waiting for my book. I ordered it from Amazon and chose the free shipping, so I’ll be getting my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a couple days later than the rest of the world’s population. Yes. I’m cheap when it comes to paying for shipping. At least my weekend is booked, so I wouldn’t be able to read it if i had it, anyway. And being somewhere else, knowing it’s sitting on my desk, waiting for me, is probably worse than not having it at all. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I’m having a lot of geek-outs this week, aren’t I?

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6 responses to “The Order of the Phoenix — Three Things

  • SQT

    Yeah, the screen Dumbledore just doesn’t cut it anymore. And what’s wrong with being a geek?

  • avery

    So, we’re all in agreement about Helena, then? Well, except Charles, who’s apparently too busy playing parakeet to join the consensus.Kate — I didn’t know that about Gambon. Makes me like him less, as well.

  • Kate S

    I know. I never did like this Dumbledore, and liked him less after I read an interview where Michael Gambon said he’s never even read the books and sees no need to.Funny. My brother said there was no need for Bellatrix to cast an impedimenta spell – every guy in the ministry went rigid when she showed up. 😉

  • spyscribbler

    Helena Bonham Carter has that effect, doesn’t she?You’re so right about Dumbledore, but I haven’t seen the Order of the Phoenix yet. Monday, I’m hoping!

  • Charles Gramlich

    Points a finger at him and shouts. “GEEK, GEEK.” Then realizes he’s looking in a mirror.

  • Steve Malley

    The Tiny Dynamo agrees with you about Dumbledore. I’m right there with you on the Helena Bonham Carter issue!

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