Where’s Spring?

This photo doesn’t have much to do with the title directly, but I thought it looked like a giant eye gazing at the trees above, searching for the first hints of leaves to appear.

Every day I check The Weather Channel’s 10-day forecast online, and every day it says in a few more days it will be warmer. But it seems impossible to catch up to those avowed days. They perpetually remain the hope of impending warmth, instead of warmth itself. On the rare day that does see a hint of springtime, winter is always right behind, ready to reclaim its territory.

Saturday was nearly sixty. Then, the wind picked up and the temperatures plummeted. This morning it was seventeen degrees in my car. I checked the forecast and not only will it be cold tomorrow, but they’re promising 2-4 inches of snow! That’s just crazy talk for the eastern shore. We see two types of precipitation here: rain and fog. Snow is the Bigfoot of the eastern shore — an elusive myth that’s talked about, but rarely documented.

Those warm days are apparently still a promise, but I now have to wait until early next week to have them. And I don’t want to. My fingers are hovering over the thermostat control, twitching above the windowsill, dying to fling it up and let in some fresh air. The plants in my narrow strip of a yard are feeling the urge, too; neon green buds hang uncertainly from their tips as if wondering if they’d made a bad choice in showing up early for the party.

I feel like Mother Nature is dragging me along through the last gasps of winter by dangling in front of me this promise of things to come. And I — like a good little donkey — keep trotting behind, eyes fixed on the prize.

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5 responses to “Where’s Spring?

  • Avery

    We’ve had three days of seventy degree weather and it’s been great. Of course, that means it’s inevitable the temps are going to drop back into the forties tomorrow. That’s the way it is here; we get a couple of teaser days and then it’s just plain hot.Thanks for stopping by, Jay. Always nice to see a new “face.”

  • Jay

    Oh man, I have spring envy. It feels like it’s approaching, but then the weather man gets on TV and bursts my bubble.

  • spyscribbler

    A great picture, with an even better description! I am SO ready for spring. *sigh*

  • Christina

    I like that idea of the pond being a large eyes. That is an interesting picture. There is always this one comfort zone between winter and summer, it only lasts a few days and then it is just to hot to be outside. Hope your spring is comfortable. Thanks for the support.

  • Kate S

    Sounds like a start to Stewart’s latest assignment. 🙂

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