Just Because

A recent posting by SQT, subsequent comments by Stewart about the market saturation of zombies, and a coincidental link from my friend “X” all led me to believe this was exactly what this blog needs right now.

Don’t tell me you’re not doing the claw thing at your desk; I know you are.

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5 responses to “Just Because

  • SQT

    OMG! My husband taught my daughter to do this dance, it’s hilarious. I especially like when they shrug one shoulder and shuffle in a circle. That’s the part I like to imitate. 😉

  • Avery

    Kate – Oh, it’s a download. Even cooler. I’ll tuck it away on my desktop to read. Thanks again.

  • Avery

    Kate, thanks for the story link. I’ll check it out.Christina, you would have loved the discussion a group of friends and I had. It was one of those late-night, useless discussions at one friend’s rented house on a chicken farm. While staring out the back window to the the massive cornfield beyond, we kicked around ideas for the worst thing we could imagine coming across that expanse of shorn stalks. We decided it had to be a single, fast-moving zombie running at full speed towards the back door.

  • Christina Rundle

    Someone made an argument on why zombies are appealing, but now I can’t remember how it went. Something about societies 2 biggest fears, predators and disease. Yeah, that sounds about right.I am one of those people that like zombies. They still scare me. I own so many zombie films. T_T However, if I was going to die from a mystical monster, I’d rather it be werewolves. I’d rather be mauled than bitten to death. How many human bites does it take to kill a person?

  • Kate S

    LOL – now THAT was scary! Here’s a cute zombie story from my friend Lynn, aka Chaos.Zombie High

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