The bell tolls…

…and cracks.

Due to the issues I told you I wouldn’t bore you with, I haven’t met my goal. I’m much closer — you’ll see that if you look at that little meter in the top right of my screen. But, despite magnificent headway, I’m not there yet.

So, what am I going to do?

Extend my deadline, of course. I figure if I’m the one who set it in the first place, I can re-arrange it. Yeah, I know this type of thing doesn’t fly in the real world, but I’m not out there, yet, so I’m going to enjoy the rules I’ve created for myself while I can.

December 1, 2006.

That’s the new deadline. I’d have set it for next week, but with Thanksgiving travel and all, I’d just be pasting this note into a new blog next Friday. And I promised no recycled material, didn’t I? Breaking two promises in the span of two weeks would just be tacky.

Two weeks to finish the final nineteen percent of the book; I can do that.

We’ll just pretend that last deadline never existed. Right?


See you next week and tell you how it’s going.

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