Got the whip in hand (or, self-flagellation — not just for zealots)

I decided last night enough is enough with these twenty chapters I need to re-write. They’re the final chapters I’ve been talking (and yet doing nothing) about for months on end. I’ve become the Artful Dodger of editing –ducking around this task while changing minor character names and profiles, re-writing earlier Quinn POV chapters, focusing on editing the first forty chapters, and, yes, farting around. All the while the ending (the biggest revision I need to tackle so far) has sat there, waiting and untouched.

Since I am interested in having a go at getting this monster published sometime before I turn sixty, I’ve decided — as I said above — enough is enough. I’m breaking out the whip. I’ve given myself twelve days (two work weeks plus today and tomorrow) to re-write these twenty chapters. That’s almost two chapters a day. Pretty excessive? Yep. But I’ve done it to myself and now have to pay the price.

I’ve marked my calendar and set my clock. I’ve also pasted one of those word meters on this page. Because the meter isn’t really set up for re-writing deadlines, I made it as if those last chapters never existed and I’m writing fresh (which is really not too far from the truth, anyway). I’ve erased those 50,250 words from my total word count and will now attempt to put them all back by Friday, November 17, 2006.

I’m hoping declaring my intentions publicly while posting my progress will keep me in line. If not, I’ve got the whip sitting right here, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Okay, I’m a little afraid to use it…

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